Forgotten Pop! – This Week -Liz McClanon

Today we look at the solo career of a musician that had a lot of success with her girl band in the noughties, Atomic Kitten. Liz McClarnon signed to All Around The World Records very soon after the band broke up. Her first single was a cover of Barbra Steisands song ‘Woman In Love’ was released in 2006 and reached number 5 in the UK charts, 21 in Ireland and 16 in Spain.

After her debut single she has gone on to release a few more, scattered over time. In 2007 she entered the Eurovision Song Contest in the competition to choose which song should go through to represent the United Kingdom. The song she released as a single and as part of the competition was ‘Don’t It Make You Happy’ but it lost out to Scooch. The song sadly did not do well in the music charts either as it failed to even enter.

In 2009 Liz signed to a new record label and released the single ‘Not In Love’ – the song was due to be released at the end of that year however from all the information I have read I do not think it was.

So today lets have a look at Liz’s solo music career songs.

Woman In Love


Don’t It Make You Happy


Not In Love 

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