The Games That Time Forgot – Frequency, Playstation 2

Today we look at a game that even though it had a single player mode, let’s be honest multiplayer in these sort of games are usually the best. This was a game that set ways for games such as Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution and Guitar Hero.

Frequency was released on the Playstation 2 in 2002 and was Developed by Harmonix and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In the game you are a virtual avatar called FreQ and you have to travel down an octagonal tunnel where each of the walls is a different part of the songs melody make up. Throughout the game you have to tap in time to the music on the circles as well as rotate round the tunnels to make sure that each of the segments is working throughout the song to gain music and lots of points.

When you get to a certain point when all of the walls are working you can also rotate to another wall that allows you to remix the song by using a pin pointer to touch down as and when you want to change up the pattern.

This was one of the first games to actually be supported by the PS2 Network Adapter. With the multiplayer version of the game all the players are on the same tracks and you are competing for the same points and circles to get the high score.

The game had a number of songs on the levels including No Doubt, BT, Curve and Powerman 5000. Even though the game was technically one of the first games in this sort of genre, it did not sell very well and sadly was forgotten along the way.

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