A Month of Pairs – FEATURE – Who Would Be Your Passenger?

It’s funny to think that this idea for this months theme actually came from watching the film Passengers. As soon as it got added to Netflix I added it to my watch list, I had no idea why, it wasn’t really my sort of film but the ideology around it appealed to me after I saw an interview with Chris Pratt and he was discussing it. I was intrigued to see how a film could work with technically only two people in it.

There were a few parts of the film I had issues with and had internal debates with myself about it but on a whole I thought it was actually not bad. It sort of reminded me of a messed up Wall-E intertwined with every other Sci-fi cliche.

The whole idea of duos in a film concept got me wondering about how anyone, particularly myself would deal in a situation like that. Would I make the most of a situation like that or would I absolutely dread every minute?

OK, so if you had either Chris Pratt or Jennifer Lawrence to keep you company you are not going to complain are you, I mean, come on but what if you were stuck with only one person that was someone you hated or what person that you were not related to would you choose to be in this situation and why and how could you deal with that one person forever?

Sorry, got a little distracted by the plot of the film and my thoughts. Anyway the point that this film created for me and inspired is that duos and pairs come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a pair can really make you think more about something then you would of done normally. If this film had loads of people in it I don’t think the plot would of really of created the effect and impact. The fact that there is only two main people on the plot, it means that you really focus on the narrative and can throw yourself into that situation and it also feel more immersed.

I suppose in hindsight, that is what the ideology of a duo can do – think of a duet – you are always waiting to see what is the next line the person is going to sing. I think that is why I liked the concept of this film, I liked that you were waiting to see how it turned out at every stage.

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