Games That Time Forgot – A Month Of Pairs Special Edition – Gitaroo Man, Playstation 2

This month we are exploring the world of pairs and i thought why not delve into the world of multiplayer on computer games as well – because lets be honest, sometimes gaming is better when shared. Today we look at a game that came out in the early millennium.

Gitaroo Man was released in 2001, it was published by Koei and THq and it was developed by Keoi and iNiS. The game may be single player, but it is also multiplayer as well. This game was all about the world of rhythm where the main gist is competing against others in musical battles.

The game worked by pressing buttons on the controller in time to beat and you had to win by keeping your life on the green bar higher then your opponent. As well as pressing buttons a lot of the time you have to use your controller to follow a trace line to play the instrument that you are playing.

There are many characters that you can choose from to play as on the computer game including Miranda The Elder, Kai-Kakoon, U-1, Puma and Pico. Many critics praised the soundtracks of the game and it was even released as an album! A lot of other critics have praised it left right and centre and it is considered a cult game!

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