A Month of Pairs – INTERVIEW – Just Us League Twoprov

It is duo’s month and so it is only right that we delve into the world of Twoprov this February. Over the next few weeks we are talking to a variation of improv acts up and down the country to find out the ins and outs of being part of a twoprov troupe. Today, I speak to Gary and Javier to find out all about the Just Us League.


Hello tell us all about  who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

Hi! We’re Gary & Javier, better known as The Just Us League.

What style of Improv do you do?

Fast paced, quick fire, gag filled vignettes!

What sort of suggestions do you ask the audience for in your show?
Usually just a word #oldschool

What is the best thing about being in a twoprov?


“Can you do a show on this date?” “Yes” “Excellent, we are doing a show on this date!”

What is the most challenging?

It’s challenging to assemble a team in a scene.

What will makes you different to other twoprov acts out there?

We’re massive nerds who love the same pop culture references.

Also, we strive to maintain high energy; we’re known for our energetic scene transitions, we never do sitting down scenes and we gift each other with big choices and space work.

What advice would you give for people thinking about starting an twoprov troupe themselves?

Make each other laugh! You should be on the edge of corpsing the entire time you’re on stage.

What have been some of your specifically favourite scenes you have created so far in a show and why?

We once had an amazing scene where Javier repeated the phrase “You’ve never had a peanut??” to my insistence that I’d never had a peanut. It lasted about 10mins.

It was much funnier than it sounds.

What other twoprov groups are you a fan of and why?

Cariad & Paul, The Pajama Men & Zetaville.

Tell us about the sort of rehearsals you do to get ready for a show?

We’ve made up a couple of games that prompt stream of consciousness and collaboration and just try to focus on making each other laugh.

Do you have any pre show rituals – if so what are they?


What are your aims for your troupe for the improv in 2019?

We’ve come up with a new show called Improvengers Assemble The Improvised Marvel Movie, which we’re performing around the country.

It’s the month of looooovveeeee so what things do you love about improv and why?

The unpredictability of it. Nothing written can ever make an audience genuinely laugh as much as an improvised scene.

Also, the community is so bloody lovely ❤️

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

We can be found at @JULcomedy on most social media platforms and at our website www.thejustusleague.co.uk

In three words why should people come and see you perform?

Two nerds improvising!



If you could be any famous duo from TV, Film or Music what would your twoprov be and why?

Rocket & Groot because space adventures!

Who creates the craziest improv characters?

We can’t answer this as we’re currently arguing about it using increasingly more ridiculous characters.

What is your favourite thing about one another?

: His eyebrows.

Jav: That Gary likes my eyebrows.

What is the thing that the other would go viral for?

Gary: Jav’s good at angry rants.


You have £50 in your pocket to buy the other a present – what would you get them and why?


Gary: Comics, comics & comics.

Jav: A sparkly vest.

If you had to release a duet – what would the song be and why?


“Do The Just Us League” – a 90’s inspired, instructional dance song.

uncThe toughest question of all – last rolo – would you keep it or give it to your twoprov buddy?


We’d Lady & the Tramp it!

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