Stop What You’re Doing – Get Tickets To See The Bear Pack

The title of this article tells you everything you need to know-if you like improv you have to get yourself and your mother, partner, child, hamster, tickets to see The Bear Pack.

I first saw this Australian duo at the Fringe last year. On recommendation from a friend, the BRA gals and I headed to their show at the Underbelly and were so enthralled with their improvised storytelling that we went the following night to see them again. Getting into Superfan territory we also saw them again at their 2018 Soho run. Bottom line is if you are going to see them be prepared to want to see them over and over again at your bank balances detriment.

Inspired by a couple of audience suggestions, Steen Raskopoulos and Carlo Ritchie take you on an improvised adventure of epic proportions often beautifully underscored by cellist Angela Lavoipierre. They call their form a ‘yarn’ and it definitely has the comfy feeling of the type of adventure story a Grandad might tell you after giving you a Werther’s Original (*niche reference alarm).

Bear Pack shows feel effortless and seamless-they blend between scenes and characters so well you could almost forget there are just the two of them up there. Their chemistry is amazing to watch and their trust in each other’s improvising mean they can really test the limits and also trip each other up at every possible opportunity, much to the audience and each other’s delight.

To join the super-fandom get yourselves tickets to their run at, newish Kings Cross venue, 2NorthDown from the 27th January to 3rd February or at the Soho Theatre from the 5th to 8th June. You can also check out their improv podcast here.

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