The Travel Book – Café du Théâtre, Bayonne, France

You are hungry, you are visiting the quaint town of Bayonne in South West France and you want somewhere to eat a really good lunch – well if you head towards the bridge and look for the theatre, you will come across a fantastic place to eat called Café du Théâtre.


The restaurant is located in the heard of Bayonne and is known for its terrace and the views of the town centre. The restaurant is fairly priced and offers a wide range of food on the menu including a dish of the day and a Plat du jour ( a lunchtime set menu).


When I went to Bayonne I ate in this restaurant and I am so glad I did. All the food was exquisite and the interior of the place was relaxing and comforting. The staff are really friendly and make you feel incredibly welcome the whole time you are there.

When I visited I had the Plat Du Jour and loved every second of it. I like the fact that there is only a few options ( a good amount of options compared to other places Plat Du Jour) makes it a fun way to eat because you know what you are going to get is good.

All the food, the wine and the coffee that I ate and drunk was so good and I highly recommend this place.

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