Improv Corner – Go With The Flow

You can go up on stage halfway into a scene and sort of expect or predict where it is going and you walk on confidently to be that character that you know would fit perfectly into that scenario; then as soon as you walk on stage you have missed the line that would justify what you are or someone endows you with something you were not expecting. What to do?! WHAT TO DO!?!?!!

Ok, so this isn’t the worst thing in the world to happen but when you first start doing improv or are maybe not that advanced in your training this can be the most scariest thing to happen. You had an idea you really wanted to show it and now you are stuck playing the Gnome called Harold or on stage not sure what to do with yourself. If this happens to you, just go with the flow.

I know that sounds crazy and probably a little bit intense for someone who is not sure what to do but it is the only way to really get your head around what is happening. If you start trying to force what you wanted to happen in the scene, it will make you feel weird and get too much into your head. If you try and block what someone has endowed you with it can make the scene completely block and have nowhere to go. Sometimes you have to just accept that you are in that situation and that you just have to go with what your hand has dealt you.

I have been in this situation many a times when I first started doing improv and I found it something that was really difficult to get my head around. I could sit here telling you the best ways to defeat this feeling but there is no exact way – it is all about waiting for it to eventually click and for your confidence to build on stage.

I would say the only way to over come fear is to face fear itself head on and that is what I did. I kept putting myself into situations I knew that I would find terrifying and fighting them off. It never got easier at first but then it did and my confidence grew, sometimes practise really does make perfect.

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