November Madness!

November is expected to be cold, but we’re creating all the warmth that is humanly possible!

Our venue at The Horse & Stables has new tech to debut on Sunday and we’ll be sure to make use of it to its full extent! To help us explore our new and exciting – and still unknown to us –  new tools, we’ll have returning champions Pillow Fight and new friends coming all the way from Norwich Bendy House, and your always here, always excellent C3? house players.

For our Late Night Special we present Mørdsäga, a two-person crime drama in the style of The Bridge or The Killing but with more comedy. Created and performed by Peter More and Emma Wessleus, an Anglo-Swedish duo who met in Amsterdam. They are both improvisers and stand-ups, but Emma wins because she is also an opera singer.

More info and FREE tickets here.


More warmth for you in November comes in the form of Alan Starzinski and Caitlin Kunkel, both in London this November to pass on knowledge!

Alan will be here, helping you with creating, and writing characters, either for sketch, solo pieces or to use in you stand-up. For more info and tickets, click here.

Caitlin is the co-founder of The Belladona and is here to start you up writing satire. UK publications Succubus Magazine and Pf Magazine are always looking for submissions, as well as international satire magazines, open to all! For more info and tickets, click here.

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