Improv Corner – Don’t Be Scared Of Advanced Improvisers

I remember when I first started improv, the improvisers I saw on stage were so more advanced then me and they were so talented on stage. Ever so often some of these players, would turn up at improv drop ins and I would find this so scary. These people that I see on a regular basis on stage are here, in a drop in, about to do improv scenes with us. Needless to say it freaked the hell out of me.

In our first warm up of this particular lesson I was put into a pair with this advanced improviser and it completely freaked me out. For the whole lesson I was entirely off my game and feeling very overwhelmed and incapable to do improv. I know, it is soooo stupid when I look back now but this was about 4 months into training so everything was so very new and nerve-wracking.

After that experience it never happened again because I realised I was being so silly, but when you start training in something your mind can really play funny things on you. I realised after that one scenario that you shouldn’t be scared of advanced improvisers joining you in a lesson, instead you should embrace them. Take the opportunity to learn from them head on as you can gather so much information from these sort of scenarios.

The one thing that you will always realise with the improv community, is that it is very friendly no matter how high up the hierarchy someone is.

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