The Games That Time Forgot – McDonaldland, NES

mckids 2It is not every day that you hear about a computer game that is about a fast food chain but there was a game that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was all about the world of McDonalds. Welcome to the world of McDonaldland or M.C Kids as it is also known.

M.C Kids which was changed to McDonaldland with later console releases, was released in 1992, it was developed by Virgin Games and published by them and Ocean Software. The game is based around two children – Mack and Mick who go on an adventure in McDonaldland to return Ronald McDonald his magical bag as it was stolen by the evil Hamburglar.

 To start the game you must decide what child that you are going to play, they have the same abilities and the only difference is that they have different hairstyles. The aim of the game is to complete all of the levels in the platform game by beating the bosses as well. In each of the levels you can jump duck and throw things at enemies. The game has many different worlds and when you visit one there will be a different character from the McDonalds world to introduce you to it.

The game has a lot of references to the fast food chain throughout including cards, power ups and much more. The game received relatively positive reviews and was praised for having great features that Mario lacks, the graphics were one thing in particular that was rated highly.

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