Comedy Book Corner – Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling

This is the second book by scriptwriter / actress Mindy Kaling and it is one that really goes more behind the lens of who she is as a person whilst also welcoming you to the world of ‘Mindy.’

I think before reading this book there is two things that you need to do; firstly read the original book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?) and secondly make sure that you have watched The Office US and maybe even The Mindy Project.

This book really sort of takes off where the last one ended – it explores a lot of different topics however if you are a fan of the original book then you will enjoy the way that this one has been written. This book covers a variety of topics including work, image and the media.

One of the topics that is covered in this book that was not covered in the first is her relationship with fellow writer BJ Novak. In the television show the Office US fans were always intrigued and by their on and off again relationship as apparently is similar to their off air relationship: or how the media likes to tell it. There is a chapter that goes behind their complicated relationship and sort of defines it a bit more and in a really lovely way.

There are many great chapters in this book and they are written with charm and fun that Mindy write with. It is also an inspirational book as well with a lot of positive anecdotes that work in favour towards working women. It is a really inspirational read because some people do not realise that there are many hours in television and this is a real insight into what it has.

This book is a really good read and light hearted and pure. It is a lovely book and I recommend reading it if you are a fan of Mindy Kaling

Readability Rating – 8/10

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