The Games That Time Forgot – A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobonia, NES

220px-A_Boy_and_His_Blob_(cover_artwork)Today we look at a game that was originally released in 1989 for the NES and then in the recent years has been revamped and made available on more modern computer systems. Today we look at Boy and His Blob: Trouble On Blobonia. The Game was designed by David Crane and Rick Booth and was Developed by Imagineering.

A Boy and His Blob is a platform based game that is home to a number of puzzles throughout. The game follows a young boy and his friend that is a Blob as they go on an adventure to save the planet of Blobonia from the evil emperor. The Blob is a shapeshifting character and to help it change shape you have to feed it different coloured jelly beans throughout the level.

Throughout each of the platforms, the boy and his blob have to avoid dangerous obstacles such as falling rocks, deadly snakes and fight off other enemies. The game is side scrolling and throughout the game you can only move left or right – you cannot jump or swim so it means that you are limited and can die quite easily.

Whilst the game won Best of Show in 1989 at the Consumer Electronics Show the game was welcomed with a lot of mixed reviews. The game was praised for the colour and design of the backdrops of the levels however some people criticised it because of the lack of enemies and scrolling screens made it too average of a game.

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