Taste Of States – This Week – Fruit Loops Mini Doughnuts

Welcome To Taste of States a place where we celebrate the weird and wonderful food of the United States of America. This can be everything from the snacks that are available for a limited time to the foods that are classic traditions at events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving! Each week we will explore the facts and the history surrounding a different food.

Taste of states New



There is a new doughnut flavour on the block and it comes in the style of miniature and cereal flavoured. The new sweet snack can be bought in batches of five different flavours all brightly coloured and looking like Fruit Loops. The colours that the doughnuts come in are brightly coloured red, blue, green, purple and yellow and they are this really strong colour throughout the whole sweet as well.

They are available in Carl’s Jr. and the restaurant Hardee’s  have also announced it as a brand new menu item. The doughnuts are designed to taste like the Kellogs Cereal and reviews say that they actually do. Apparently when you open the box you are welcomed with the familiar and strong scent that Fruit Loops Cereal has.

The Fruit Loops Mini Doughnuts will cost $1.99 and became available only last week! The doughnuts are available in stores until the end of October of this year.

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