Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – No Authority

Today we look at a band that was signed to Michael Jackson’s record label MMJ Music and had a couple of albums around the turn of the century – No Authority. 

No Authority was formed of members Josh Keaton, Ricky Godinez, Eric Stretch and Danny Zavatsky and used to perform at local venues in Los Angeles until a music producer sent their music to Michael Jackson. He was so impressed, he signed them to his label.

They released their first official single in 1997 called Don’t Stop and it went into the chart at number 38 and went into the Billboard Charts and the Urban Charts. They released a few more songs from their first album, however they did not chart. The songs were released on a debut album called Keep On which was also released in 1997 and went in at number 18 in the charts.

In 2000 they released another single called Can I Get Your Number that went into the chart at number 33. They also released a second single in 2000 called What I Wanna Do but again it did not chart. These were both off of the album called No Authority which sadly did not have the same success as its predecessor. SO lets have a look at their music today.

Don’t Stop

Up and Down


Can I Get Your Number

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