The Improv Diaries – We Perform at Camden Fringe and Improv Towers rehearsals begin ! [Case Study: The RH Experience]

As you probably have noticed, over the last couple of weeks there has not been an Improv Diaries article, this does not mean that we have not been doing improv (because I have) it’s just I thought when the festival season was near to an end I would return to writing so you guys can get all the improv goodness that you can!

The last few weeks have been fun but also pretty busy in the world of improv, we have been testing out lots of new game to see what ones that we want to potentially play in our September show. This week was a big day as we all sat down and voted on what games we wanted to play in the main show. We now have a list of ten and we are currently starting to do rehearsals to get the new team members used to the format as well as trying out new things to introduce to the format.

Due to the fact there are quite a few of us now, it means that we can now go back to our original format of having a host for the show and making it more special then we originally had it in May.

The one thing we love to do at Punders is test the boundaries and see what we can invent – we have done this recently over the last few weeks testing out new games and a lot of them have ended up incorporating singing which is a lot of fun. One of our new members loves musical improv as much as I do so  we are both pushing to incorporate it more in the future.

This week was also a very exciting one for Punders as we got asked to perform in a Improv Show at Camden Fringe called Improv Deathmatch. James and I accepted the challenge and performed in a head to head battle on the bank holiday weekend.


It was a really good night and we played a variety of short form games that we pay regularly, haven’t played for ages or new ones that we were only just Introduced to.

I haven’t played Story Story Die in such a long time and it was really fun to play it again. When you are in the right environment it is a really great game to play and I really enjoyed playing it at Camden Fringe.

Some of the games that we played at Camden Fringe we play regularly included Pan Left, Sit Bend Stand and Party Quirks. We were also introduced to a new game called Theme Restaurant which was really fun to play and would love to play it again.

The RH Experience 


At the City Impro Deathmatch on the weekend we were completing against an improv troupe called The RH Experience. I have heard a lot about these guys so was happy to actually see them in action.

It is evident that these guys have been around for a lot for time as they are so in sync with one another, this is really great to see as a fellow improviser as you can learn so much from them. There was two things I really liked about The RH Experience – the use of guitar throughout every scene that they played and the way they interacted with each on the stage and thought outside the box.

These guys have a bond that is so strong that on stage it is evident that they have a unique way of working together to create some really innovative and fun ways to approach to scenes. It is really refreshing to see this sort of Interactivity and it is something that I find really Inspiring.

At Punderstandably we rehearse on a weekly basis to keep our bond growing stronger by the minute. Being quite a relatively new troupe (well, a year and a half under our belt) it is important to keep this bond strong and growing. Seeing experience groups like The RH Experience shows just how important and special troupe bonds are and I hope I get to see them again soon!

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