Improv Corner – Remember to Stay Safe!!!

Yes this may seem a very weird thing to connect to improv but it is a really important topic and we did not realise how important it was until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago one of our members was really get into a scene and moved too quickly fell backwards and knocked themselves unconscious on the wall. Whilst they had mild concussion and had to go to A and E, they were luckily, fine but just from that one simple turn of events it’s really important to pay attention to you environment when you improvise.

Here at Punders we always try and think of health and safety in the best way we can – when we host our own nights we make sure that seating is positioned carefully so exits are not blocked and pathways are not blocked for performers. If we are testing out a risky game (we did one with a blindfolded improviser once) we make sure the players that are not part of the scene position themselves at the front crouched down do they can judge and guide if needs be and also stop anything bad happening.

Just like the incident above proves, accidents can happen even in safe environments, so it is always important to check you surroundings. Make sure you have space for physical improv, if you are using props be aware of their stage presence. (Although, saying that, when there are chairs in certain scenes I can be very clumsy and fall over them – this has happened more then once and do try an avoid it happening.)

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