Forgotten Pop! – This Week – The Guys Next Door

It is not every week that we get to talk about a band that also were the forefront of a comedy show on television but this week we have this delight! Back in the 1990s there was a group called The Guys Next Door and they had a sketch comedy show that aired on Saturday mornings on NBC. The show was called The Guys Next Door and funnily enough that is what the actual band were called as well.

The band were made up of Patrick, Dancy, Bobby, Damon, Chris and Eddie. They had a single called I’ve Been Waiting For You that entered into the charts and did reasonably well. They also released an album as well that was self titled and had a number of songs on it.

The band however did not last very long because they were dropped from NBC after only 13 episodes and replaced by Saved By The Bell. They were part of the manufactured boy band craze but like a lot of these things, they sadly were sort of like a fad and dispersed. They do however do have a big following and fan club even to this day.  So lets have a look at their music today.

Telephone Talking


I’ve Been Waiting For You 

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