Nostalgic Nineties

Nostalgic Nineties – Baby All Gone

When I was a kid I was never really into toy babys – i had one from birth called Baldy Bean (who apparaently I kept hitting my head on in my cot as her head was very hard plastic.) but apart from that I was never a girl who liked playing with plastic babies. That being said, there was one toy baby that stood out from the crowd that I really wanted to play with and that was Baby All Gone.

I never had a Baby All Gone and I think its because my parents knew that I would probably get bored of it but when I was a kid the whole concept of the doll completely amazed me! A baby that you fed plastic red cricle things on a spoon and she ate everything up that you gave her!? AMAZING! She eats food and it dissappears what is there NOT to like?

To me at that age the whole ideaology of a toy eating foor and watching it dissappear of a fork was magic to me. It wasn’t until many years later that I was able to see a Baby All Gone in the flesh and i was so so dissapointed about how the concept of the doll worked – the milk somehow did a trick where is vanished up into the bottle when you tilted it a certain way and the spoon that I was infatuated with as a kid – the one that the Baby ate off? The food didnt even come out of the plastic food cylinder IN FACT it went up inside the spoon dissappearing – I was so angry at this and sort of have felt that ever since.

It was not just me though who loved the idea of this toy. It was a toy in the nineties that was loved by a lot of people. I remember a lot of the girls at school having one and boasting about the fact they had one

I had a look whilst writing this article just how Baby All Gone was described, from a seller on Amazon, here is the description:

Comes with a ‘real’ milk bottle and a jar of ‘cherries’. First the milk bottle needs to be filled: simply hold the milk preparation can against the top of the bottle and it will magically fill it with ‘real’ milk. When the bottle is pressed into the babys mouth, the milk then magically dissapears.

Time for pudding and luckily cherries are the Baby’s favourites. Just dip the spoon into the deliciously cherry – scented jar pull out a spoon full of fruits and feed the doll: she will eat it in one bite.

A simple idea for a toy that many kids fell for, it was a really big seller. Whilst looking back on it now I find the whole concept stupid and the doll in general very creepy looking.

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