Edinburgh Fringe – PERFORMERS ADVICE – Three Essential Items For The Fringe

It is the middle of the Festival season and whilst we are celebrating the world of Camden Fringe this month, lets not forget all those people who are up at the Fringe! In July we interviewed over 20 acts and over the next two Mondays we are going to do a few special posts about what the acts said about specific Fringe related questions.

What three items are essential for a successful Fringe?

“Raincoat, Berocca, £1.50 (for a bacon roll from PieMaker)” – Dirty White Boys

“Flyers, Raincoat and paracetamol” – Tom Brace

“Unwavering positivity, a sense of fun (don’t do it for the money! Or the fame!) and, naturally enough for improv, adaptability” – Spontaneous Wrecks

  1. “Something with pockets to stash the flyers you’re given, and to protect your own from the rain: a capacious hoodie does the job (and has a hood, as a bonus).
  2. A mental map of the city: it’s a multilevel labyrinth.
  3. A stack of guides to all the other festivals happening at the same time. Art! Books! High culture! You’re spoiled you lucky thing.” – Improvised Sherlock Holmes

“Thousands of Flyers, Good Shoes, a Bed.” – Any Suggestion Doctor?  An Improvised Adventure in Space and Time

“Decent shoes, ​sun hat, jacket with multiple pockets!” – Bendy House

“Marketing again, errrr, marketing and….marketing” – Osric Omand and the Story of Hope

“Coffee: Those late nights and early mornings can really take their toll, especially if you like to enjoy a few refreshments after your show.

The Wee Blue Book: The PBH Free Fringe captures the real essence of the the Fringe and many of our favourite acts can be seen FOR FREE, which is usually worth the price.

A sense of adventure: Don’t leave home without it and you won’t be disappointed.” – Smoky Monkeys

“A lightweight raincoat because flyering whilst being soaked through is not fun. Some
running shoes- the Fringe is amazing but pretty full on. Sometimes you just need to clear your head so a run or a walk up Arthur’s seat can do the trick. Water, water, water or a steamer – when it comes to the Fringe your body and voice are doing a marathon and it needs all the help it can get. “-  Notflix

“Press pack, Comfy shoes (get around all the venues), and party pants (get social, network, meet other acts, learn and laugh with them, have a good drink and embrace the wild adventure of it all)” – How To Swim In Hollywood

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