Taste of States – This Week – Jell-O Salad

Welcome To Taste of States – now you may notice that we do not have John Egan’s name in the header for this week, well from now on there is going to be a remix on this set of articles. From now on – we are going to mix it up so that you get not just John Egan videos but also explore the world of other American Snacks and delicacies. John Egan reviews will return very soon when he is back on the reviewing wagon but until then, we are  going to delve into the other Taste of States. So all you fans of John, never fear, he will return!

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When I came across this, I had to treble read the name to make sure that I had read it correctly. When I realised I had, i was very taken aback, this is exactly what it says on the tin – Jell-o salad, yes thats right ‘jelly salad’.

The Jell-o salad is made up of the gelatin snack Jell-o and is combined with fruit, grated carrot and  sometimes vegetables. It originates from New Castle, Pennsylvania where Mrs John E won third prize at a Better Homes and Gardens recipe contest, where it was originally called The Perfection Salad. These are not your average jellies – they can include any of the following mixed into them – cottage cheese, cream cheese, marshmallows nuts or pretzels. Some people will even add mayonnaise or salad dressing to it.

Jello-O has become a staple part of main meals in America because it is really cheap to mass produce for communal meals and go really far. It is also a staple around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. There are mixed views about this traditional salad in America as some people love it as they grew up with it as a dish that was always present in their households and others cannot catch on to the idea as they feel is sounds well… disgusting.

My Opinion

I am not the biggest fan of jelly as a whole but this idea of having it as savoury is not something that I think I would enjoy. I cannot see how it would go together as a dish and I cant imagine mayonnaise with sweet, the thought of that disgusts me. I am however, open minded and I would give it a try. When I was in Chicago I was there for Christmas and became friends with our landlord that they invited us into their home and I tried Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow and maple syrup. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but was pleasantly surprised how well the potato works as a dessert—- even if it was served with the main meal. I can’t imagine the textures would work but it would be interesting to try.


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