Off The Record – Muse

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a band that are one of the biggest rock groups in the UK – Muse

Falling Down – Showbiz Album

This song highlights a talent that Muse have as a band – they can go from one extreme to another and this is really one of those songs that clearly highlight the talents and why they are one of th ebest bands in the UK. It is a very slow song Falling Down but it shows the limits that Matt Bellamys voice can go to – it can go to a very high place and even give a guitar a run for its money.

Showbiz – Showbiz Album

You always expect something a bit unique when there is an album track song that is the same as the name of the title. However, you give Muse an album named song and they don’t just deliver – they see that line the jumpm over it and raise the bar even higher. This is such a great song. It is so different to everything on the album and it is one of the best tracks – the music explores so many different areas that it creates an amazing musical magical masterpiece at the middle of the album.

Space Dementia – Origin of Symmetry album

This is one of the best songs on the album and also one of the best songs probably by muse – the electronic sound, heavy drums and beautiful piano intertwine into a melody like no other and it is phenomenal.

Ruled By Secrecy – Sing For Absolution Album

This album had a lot of singles off of it so there are not many that we can talk about – however, this song has to be spoken about because firstly it is one of my favourite album tracks and secondly because it really is a magical piece. The one thing that makes this song so outstanding is you think it is going to go one way and then all of a sudden there is huge piano interlude in the middle which makes it so beautiful.

Assassin – Black Holes and Revelations


This song has a great intro and a fantastic drum best throughout that makes this song absolutely amazing. This album had a lot of amazing singles released from it but this album track is worth the listen as it’s mindblowing.

United States of Eurasia ( and collateral) – The Resistance album 

This is a beautiful song on the album and the thing that makes it sounds wonderful is the piano that intertwines throughout. In certain parts of this song it has an essence of the band Queen which makes it unique.

Exogenisis part 1,2&3 – The Resistance album 

I am putting all three of these on the list as they are just beautiful to listen to and so different to anything else on this album. Listen to them in order to hear the pure magic.

Save Me – 2nd Law Album

This whole album is pure Muse magic and it is hard not to see why a lot of these songs were singles. This is a slower song on the album but it is pure magic and wonderful. It is so different that is takes you on a journey that feels cinematic.

The 2nd Law: Unsustainable – 2nd Law Album 

If anyone is going to do a good dubstep style song then it is going to be Muse. This song not only show their diverse skill and styles to go into different genres but also shows what a powerful and creative band they actually are.

Defector – Drones album

This is another album that had a lot of singles so it is hard to find album tracks however this song is definitely one that needs to be mentioned. It has a really enjoyable drum beat throughout and it is mixed into the Muse universe with a great set of lyrics and unique melodies.

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