The Games That Time Forgot – Disney’s Hide and Sneak, GameCube

Sometimes Disney release a game that is really really good that it gets remebered for years to come and then there are some games that sadly get lost in the ether. Today we look at the world of Disney’s Hide and Sneak that was produced for the Nintendo Gamecube.


The game was released in 2003 and was Developed by Capcom and Published by Capcom and Disney Interactive and was centred on the characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

The game was a one player computer game where someone is kidnapped by a a strange flying alien mushroom and you have to save them. Now, I say someone because it really depends on whether you choose to play as Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse and then whoever you do not choose is the person that you have to play as.

The game is 3D and is stealth adventure game where you have to do a variation of things to save the other character; this includes solving puzzles, evading and hiding from enemies, jumping and climbing through the levels. There are three game areas throughout the game play.

The game was the last Mickey Mouse based game to be released until Epic Mickey in 2010 and by that alone you can tell the negative result that this game had. The game was criticised by the face that it was boring and very bad at game-play. People found it disappointing and very disorganised.

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