Improv Diaries – The Big Debut Show! [Case Study – Punderstandably]

This week was a huge one for Punderstandably as we had our first ever full show to host. Before we get to that lets start at the beginning of the week. We had our final rehearsals the day of the Royal Wedding, we used this time to go through the games and have a final run through polishing up areas we felt needed tidying.

This week we were joined by Punders friend Becky who acted like Stuart did last time just giving us pointers if we needed them and seeing what she thought of the show. It was really fun to have a rehearsal as we could run through the games and make any last decisions on games to make them more exciting for an audience.

The one thing that we wanted to do was make sure that our show was appealing to people who may not be used to watching improv, we wanted to make sure that it appealed to everyone. So with the final rehearsal out the way there was only one thing left to do – the show!

We went into the show not expecting it to be completlety full but with the aim that it was going to be a full energy and fun show no matter what! We arrived early to do tech checks and to make sure we knew our entrance on stage and times and where things needed to be placed on stage.


The room was very nearly full it was so nice knowing that we were going onto a stage with nearly a full house watching us – we are still pretty unknown in the improv community as we have only been doing regular sets since September and the fact there was so many people there was such an accomplishment. The thing that was even more rewarding was that a good percentage of the audience was actually non improvisers and that really meant the world to us.

It was a really fun night and we had a lot of fun and also I think the audience did as well. The support acts did really well as well and got a lot of laughs.

Case Study – Punderstandably Improv


There was only one group that I wanted to talk about as a case study this week and that we my own improv group. Over the last few months we have worked so hard to get show together and seeing it all come together is something that is so rewarding to see.

The thing I really like about Punders is that we all bring something different to the table and that’s why we work well altogether. We always try and include something that each of us likes.

Our next big show is in September so now the next few months will all be about working towards that.


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