Comedy Book Corner – Join Me, Danny Wallace

JoinMeBookCoverWhat do you do when you are bored one day and have nothing to do? You start a cult, I mean a collective right? Well, no, 98% of us wouldn’t but if your name is Danny Wallace and you have nothing better to do this is EXACTLY the solution.

Inspired by a story he finds out about at a long distant uncles funeral, he decides to follow off where his uncle started and try and start a collective of people. His uncle only managed to gain a few people however due to a bet made down the pub, it leads to him having to find 1000 joinees.

Join Me is the story of Danny’s adventure to get to that final number and whilst it’s not one of his best books or topics, it’s not a bad read. It can at times feel a bit samey but it is ok. It is better if you read this after the book Are You Dave Gorman they follow a similar format and that one is a better read to get you used to the style. Also it deserves to be read like this just to see how much his poor girlfriend at the time has to go through.

Readibilty Rating – 6/10

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