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The Travel Book – York Minster, York

It is one of the most striking buildings when you visit York and it is also on the top of the list of places you should visit when you enter  the city but with its high prices to enter – is it worth visiting and going inside the York Minster instead of just looking at it from the outside?


The short answer is yes, yes it is. When I first went to York I was very skeptical about visiting the Minster as the prices seemed very expensive (£10 for just the Minster and £15 for a combined ticket for the Minster and the tower) but trust me it really is worth it.

There is no other place like it, it is a building with so much history that it really is such an iconic place to visit. The Minster has over 2000 years of history and there is so much to look at when you go into the Minster. The views inside are breath taking and really takes you a minute to adjust to the beautiful architecture.

One of the most popular sites inside the Minster is the stained glass East window which is 76 foot tall and was created in the 15th century. Another huge historical structure at the Minster is the astronomical clock which was installed in 1955.


The Minster is a phenomenal building and I could go on and on about how great it is but I would honestly say visit it to experience it first hand. It does not matter if you are religious because the architecture is something you will be completely amazed by.

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