Travel vs The Comedian – Pole To Pole

Today we look at another travel show by the ever talented adventurer Michael Palin however this time we are travelling from one really cold continent to the other,today at look at the television show Pole To Pole.

Back in 1992 Michael Palin was part of a 8 part series for BBC 1. The show followed him as he travels from the North Pole to the South Pole via countries in Scandinavia, Europe, Africa and Chile. The aim of the series was to use aircraft as little as possible and he travels throughout a total of just over five months.

The aim of the show was to travel to the South Pole via the 30 degree East line of latitude. However due to a problem with trying to get on a scientific ship he has to make a diversion.

When this television programme was made it was at a time when some of the countries Palin visited were going through a lot of political upheaval which meant that it was really relevant to the time period.

The programme was sold to a lot of different countries and has been viewed by many. It was released on Dvd as well. Just like Palin a other work he also released a book to rub alongside it aswell.




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