Off The Record – Britney Spears

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about female solo artist that is still the princess of pop – Britney Spears

Soda Pop feat Mikey Bassie – …Baby One More Time album

This song has that classic late nineties feel about it with a hint of the reggae undertones mixed into it to make it a good up beat and up tempo album track. It has a catchy pop chorus and a fun set of verses. Britney does so many different sounds with her voice that you wonder at times if it is another person dueting with her and I had to double check. It is a fun track.

 I Will Be There – ..Baby One More Time album

This song again oozes with nineties feel and really highlights why Britney was so popular when she first started her career – catchy choruses that you can make a dance routine to, a good set of verses and again an up beat tempo. This song highlights a theme and a style that was really popular back in the late nineties and it hits all the right music pop chords.

Email My Heart – ..Baby One More Time album

You want a song that highlights the nineties and the good girl Britney then this is the song you have to listen to. Email was a hugeee thing to sing about in the late nineties and the lyrics in this song are all metaphors about the new technology and it is funny to listen to now but also highlights what life as like at the beginning of the noughties.

Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door – Oops!…I Did It Again album

This song is very different to the first album pop feel and has a more heavy beat which really highlights the style of the way that pop music was going and also what this album brought with it. This song has the sound of the same catchy songs that were released of this song and a hint of the N*Sync vibe. It has a catchy chorus again that teens could make strong dance routines to the heavy beat.

What You See Is What You Get – Oops!…I Did It Again album

If you listen to this song and then listen to the song Stronger you will realise that the music is very very similar and it just feels like they are re-using the same beat and melody again. However, this is important to listen to just to hear this melody as this was the first time I heard it and that is what I automatically thought of.

Lonely – Britney album

This is the album when Britney came back with a more adult and grown up approach to the music industry and the songs still have the pop feel to them but undertones of an R’N’B bass with a a more sexy approach I think you could say. The song Lonely has a lot of lyrics that could define an independent woman whilst a lot of the songs on the two albums before are very much ‘I need a man’. This song has a heavier beat and catchy lyrics all over again.

Before The Goodbye – Britney album

This song has a real RnB feel to it and has a different sound to parts of the album but that does not mean that it is a bad thing. This is a good song to end the album with as it is different and unique and really stands out as an album track. It has a very different sounding chorus and is one that should be listened to throughout.

(I Got That) Boom Boom – In The Zone album

This album has a completely different feel to any of the albums before and is more the genre of dance then pop – if you look at the music that was popular the time of when this album was released you understand why this change has happened. This is the first album track on the album and it is very catchy, it has a very strong drum beat and a really catchy rhythm. Definitely one that you should listen to.

Showdown  – In The Zone album

This song is very different to normal Britney songs but that is a good thing, it is catchy has a fun set of lyrics and a very different sort of musical beat to it. It is definitely a different Britney to what was in the other albums.

Radar – Blackout album

Apparently this wasn’t a single straight away  and only really became when she released Circus album – this song has a very unique beat and rhythm to it. This is the album around the time that Britney was going through a very tough time in her personal life and a lot of people were waiting for her to fall. If you listen to the music you will realise that it may not be the best from Britney but it does deliver.

Out From Under – Circus album 

this is a slow song on the album but it is a really pretty song with a lovely set of lyrics and a really nice chorus. It is the first song on the album that is not a single and it is really effective going from two very up tempo songs to a more mellow style – it intertwines really really well.

Mannequin – Circus album

This song is very different to a lot of Britneys songs and that is why it stands out because it is so effective and has a very unusual mix of musical melodies and rhythms in the song. The lyrics sit nicely on top and are sort of all brought together in the chorus.

Inside Out – Femme Fatale album

This whole album has more of a dance feel to it and this song has that beat of a dance style song but a slower heavier beat. The lyrics are good and also a lot more raunchy for a Britney song. This song is a very good album track as it is catchy and has a very good chorus.

(Drop Dead) Beautiful – Femme Fatale Album 

This is a really good album track, it is dancey but in a Britney way, it is very fun and like a lot of Britney songs very catchy. It is one of those songs you can imagine being a single. It is a really good song with a very addictive chorus.

Body Ache – Britney Jean album 

This song is also another dance themed song but it is really good and has a bridge and a chorus that is really up tempo and exciting to listen to. It is a song that is very different to other Britney songs that we may be aware of but it is very in keeping with her new stye and it works very well.

It Should Be Easy feat Will.I.Am- Britney Jean album

This is a song that could easily be played in the night clubs and you wouldn’t realise it is Britney Spears. You can really hear the influences of musicians like Will.I.Am as it has a sense of Black Eyed Peas to it. It is a really fun song and has a great beat drop.

Private Show – Glory Album 

This song is a very different style to a lot of Britney songs and that is why it is a stand out track on this album – it has a really nice melody to it with a sort of soul base to it and the musical melodies throughout this song makes her style new and also refreshing as well as grown up.


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