The Travel Book – Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts

If you happen to be in Boston anytime soon then there is one place that you must visit when you go to the city and that is none other than Quincy Market. It is located in Downtown Boston and was initially built in 1825 and designed by architects Alexander Parris and G.J.F Bryant. The historic market was named in honor of the Mayor Josiah Quincy who organised its construction without any tax or debt and was the first project he did when he was elected mayor.

Even though it is known as Quincy Market the Mayor requested for it not to be named after him so it is predominantly known as Faneull Market which is its official name. In 1966 Quincy Market was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

So what is Quincy Market? Well it is a huge space and building filled with lots of food and produce. This includes market stalls, full of fresh produce, groceries, hot food stalls and so much more.

Quincy Market is home to a lot various food stalls and stands including Boston Pretzel, Joeys Gelateria, Starbucks, The Green Organic Bowl, Berry Twist and Ueno Sushi just to name a few.

When I visited Boston we were there for a good few weeks and we visited this place quite a lot because it had a great lot of choices of places to eat and it is a place that is really buzzing in the daytime and the nightime. There is a lot of choices of food and drink and it is just a great place with lots of fun things to see and do.

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