How Improv Changed Our Lives

How Improv Changed My Life – Improv Insomnia

This may be a weird topic but it is one that I have wanted to talk about for ages but not really sure where I should put it in the form or a topic or even as a post on social media – so i am glad in some ways Improv Changed My Life is back for a while so i can discuss it.

I want to bring this up as a topic because I actually want to see if others have the same problem. I love improv, it makes me happy and 90% of the time that I do it i always try and push my self into it as wacky and as silly as I can each and every time. The only problem is, because of the energy and the fun involved I feel that it causes me to have insomnia. I would say that nine times out of ten comig home from an improv rehearsal, lesson or show I find it so hard to wind down and relax. I find when I feel wound down by watching the same shows I always watch to wind down i cannot sleep. I have tried a lot of different things and things do not work. Luckily for me now, I don’t have to be in work earlier then 10 so it doesn’t matter if I cannot sleep but when I used to have to be in work at 8am it used to kill me.

Let me tell you a little bit about me before we go on – i am a vivid dreamer. I have been sleep walking since the age of 3 and whilst i don’t do it hardly at all any more (only when I am really really stressed) I still have very vivid dreams. I have to watch what I watch before I go to sleep at night because it will effect my dreams. At university I binge watched Chuck so much that I wouild have really realistic dreams of being a CIA agent and diffusing bombs and running away from bad guys. You can usually guarantee that the time i do eventually get to sleep on an improv night people I have spent the time doing improv with will usually end up in my dreams (I have had many Punderstandably based ones its unreal.)

I am not writing this article to say to you all IMPROV CAUSES INSOMNIA because that isn’t probably the case, I am just intriuged to know if it happens to others as well. Yes my lack of sleep has probably increased and yes that used to be p a problem but I worked out how to resolve it – i got a job in television that requires overnight working – a pure reason to use the energy I cannot get rid of before sleep!

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  1. It happens to me all the time!
    I’m working on an iron clad wind down routine but haven’t cracked the code yet. I think part of The solution will be returning to some sort of effort baseline during class and shows. I feel like my problem is getting swept up and, basically, overcome by the energy of prov.

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