How Improv Changed Our Lives

How Improv Changed My Life – Dream A Little Dream…

We enter the scene following  Benedict Cumberbatch, he is wearing all black and part of a film – Paul Rudd is one side, Scarlett Johansson is the other – whilst this could be a scene from the Avengers, it is not – it is a different universe. A world where they are trying to hide and fit in, a world full of robots. They are walking slowly through a crowded room, trying to not stand out, trying to find a place that we can blend in and hide.  It is too late, one of the robots notice us – it is time to run. 

We run through a variety of parts of town dodging any bullet that is shot at us or anyone that is jumping at us. They eventually make it through town and to a safe room to discuss what is happening and where we can go. They realise that the only thing that we can do is split up – but we know that no matter what, we won’t see each other again. They end up finding ourselves in a field full of long grass creeping as slowly as we can but it doesn’t matter they catch up to us.

Their lights from the sky blind me they come at everyone left right and centre,  they wrestle everyone to the ground. They want to ‘clean’ the group lock them away because they knew too much about the world of space and what is out there. They catch everyone. The scene changes, everyone is in a bright white lab tied up and being tortured into a stance that means they will be zombies for the rest of their lives…..

Quite dramatic eh? Well that was one of the dreams that my mind created the other night from a day (and night) of doing improv. I spoke the other day about how improv can make me have insomnia but it can also have the opposite effect as well and lead me to have really crazy and intense dreams.

I have always had an active mind, but when I go to sleep (or when i can wind down from improv) I can seem to find myself having really vivid dreams the whole night. They are usually quite positive but if i feel i need to improv on something that night it will play on my mind and i will go to bed thinking about it and it will turn into a dream.

I don’t see this as something negative, instead I see it as a plus because it means that it helps me to be more creative in improv and sometimes these dreams can help develop new and exciting ideas. So the next time you do improv and you have a dream the same night – really think about what the dream is trying to tell you as it may be the direction of a new game or concept you hadn’t thought of yet!

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