Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Sam and Mark

They are two of the biggest duo presenters in the UK and if you turn onto CBBC at some point you will more then likely come across these two lads – but they met on a reality music show, came near the top in the finals, had a brisk music career and now have a successful presenting career and one of them is even very good at cooking! Today we look at the music career of Sam and Mark.

When Pop Idol finished, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes decided to form a duo and they were signed with Simon Fuller. The first song that they released was a cover of the Beatles song ‘With a Little Help From My Friends.’ Due to their popularity from the reality television show, they hit the top spot with the single and went straight to number 1.

The next single that they released was written specifically for the duo and was called ‘The Sun Has Come You Way.’ The song did not go straight to number one this time, when it was released in May of 2004, it went into the chart at number 19. This sadly meant that they were dropped by their record label.

Do not feel sorry the duo no, oh no, they may of not been cut out for the music industry, but they have managed to have a very successful Television Presenting career and hosted everything from Top of The Pops Reloaded, Sam & Marks Big Friday Wind-up and many more shows! So lets spend this afternoon looking at the music career that was.

A Little Help From My Friends

The Sun Has Come Your Way

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