Album Review – America, Thirty Seconds To Mars

Today, Thirty Seconds To Mars released their much anticipated follow up album to Love Lust Faith and Dreams, called America. The album that was before the new one was so powerful and was full of a lot of great songs that the one released today had a lot to live up to and it does not fail to impress.

Let’s start with the album cover first – the album is called America and the names vary on what album you buy. All words that sum up “America” in some sort of way.

The album consists of an array of tracks that vary in sound and style and true to Thirty Seconds To Mars style, they have an undertone of their common theme music but with a completely different spin. It is an album that fans will not be disappointed in but also an album new fans could listen to quite easily as a stand alone piece.

To me personally, some of the album feels like the second half of the Love Lust Faith and Dreams album, Monolith for example, is a musical interlude that could of sat easily and comfortably on that album because it follows a very similar musical style.

There are some songs that are stand out tracks on the album America. The two leading singles Walk On Water and Dangerous Night really are great songs and worth a listen if you haven’t already and they really set up the sort of album this is. Musically they don’t set up the theme because in true Thirty Seconds To Mars style every song is different.

Some noteworthy tracks include:

Love Is Madness feat Halsey – this song is Gritty, it had a very unique musical track that whilst feels a bit old school TSTM it also brings a fresh and new approach. The mix of Jared Leto and Halseys voices make it very special intertwined with a great drum beat.

Hail To The Victor – with an Album called America you are waiting for the political song to come on and this is it. However don’t let you put you off because out of all the songs on the album this one definitely had the freshest and most modern feel musically. It is a very good song with a great drum beat and a fantastic electronic beat that channels throughout.

Remedy – this is a really nice acoustic based song and it is not sung by Jared (I think it’s Shannon his brother) and it is very beautiful, the lyrics are great and it is a lovely song with a lovely piano intertwining throughout.

This album is one that will not disappoint, Jared Letos voice is again the one thing that makes Thirty Seconds To Mars so special and this album does explore new dimensions that the band hasn’t explored before. However saying that, I dont think it’s the best album they have ever made but it’s definitely one that needs attention and to be listened to.

Album Rating – 7.5/10

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