Travel vs The Comedian – Paul Merton In Europe

Today we look at a six part travel series that aired at the beginning of 2010 on Channel 5. Paul Merton in Europe is the follow up to the television show Paul Merton In India and it explores his travels around Europre.

The show was produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and each episode runs for 60 minutes. In the television show, Paul Merton travels to a different country in eacy episode including Germany, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain. In each of the episodes he meets a number of different people to find out more about the country that he has gone to.

In the television show, Paul gets up to a number of different activities including meeting a former Monk in Spain who has spent 50 years building a church, show jumpers in France who perform without horses and visiting a deparment store in Italy that has live window dressings.

The main aim of the show is to seek out the surreal in each country and to find out what unexpectd and extraordinary talents and events can be found in neighbouring countries. There was only one season in Europe however it was followed by Paul Merton’s Adventures. The show was released on DVD on the 8th of March 2010.

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