The Travel Book – Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

If you are going to the Windy City in the future there are many iconic places that you need to visit and one of those is the famous Navy Pier. This is not just your average pier – it is 3,300 foot long and is Chicago’s number once tourist attraction.


The Navy Pier is located in Streeterville neighbourhood of Chicago and is home to many attractions including, shops, restaurants, exhibitions, leisure facilities and family attractions. The Pier is also home to a whopping fifty acres of park and garden. So why is it so popular and has approximately nine million visitors a year?


The Navy Pier is the home to many annual events including the Winter Wonderfest which is a huge festive event (and I have written about before) the Funhouse Maze and an ice-rink.

One of the most iconic thing about Navy Pier visually is the look of the Ferris Wheel and there is a number of rides that run alongside it including a Light Tower ride, Pepsi Wave Swinger and a Carousel.

The past ten years, the Navy Pier has been under renovation and adding new content gradually over a various number of phases. The development plans are now reaching Phase 2 which include a seven story, 240 room hotel and an arched elevated overlook walkway.

If you happen to visit Chicago then I highly recommend going to Navy Pier more then once – there is so much to see and do and you will never get bored and it is such a great place to spend part of your holiday there.

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