Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Rosie Ribbons

Everyone has to start their career somewhere and for a lot of people that was through the reality music shows. Back in the early noughties the first show to really do this for a UK audience was the show on ITV called Pop Idol and out of the contestants that made it through to the finals a few of them had a music career even though they did not win. Today we look at the music career of Australian Rosie Ribbons.

Rosie Ribbons was always among one of the favourites to win the first season of Pop Idol but missed out to Will Young with the runner up being Gareth Gates. She may not of won the show but the record label Telstar signed her up to a five album deal that was reportedly worth 1,000,000. Her first single was called Blink and reached number 12 in the UK chart. Her next single was released in 2003 and was called A Little Bit and reached number 19. She also released the singles Good Thing and Heavan.

Rosie went on tour with a number of different pop groups as their support act including Liberty X and Blue. Rosie never got to release a proper album though because Telstar had financial problems and had to terminate the music contract altogether.

Due to Phoenix Music International finally acquiring all of Telestars back catalogue, the album that was being recorded, Levitate is set to be released this year. Rosie has spent a lot of time dabbling back and forth into the music industry and has appeared on Australian Idol to audition and also released a few singles here and there. Let’s have a look at her back catalogue.


A Little Bit

Good Thing

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