Off The Record – Franz Ferdinand

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a band that has been a huge hit on the Indie charts for years and have returned earlier this year with their fourth Studio album – Franz Ferdinand. 

Jacqueline – Franz Ferdinand Album

This is a good song to open a debut album with, it has great lyrics a great sound and a really catchy chorus. It really highlights the sound of the whole album and really builds into a great little song. It has a great use of guitars throughout to produce a great catchy tempo filled with wonder and delight.

Come On Home – Franz Ferdinand Album

This is a good song to lead on from some of the singles from the band as it is up tempo and keeps in theme and tone of the song prior to it. The guitar riffs are great and make it a really fun song to listen to. The one thing about Franz Ferdinand is that their is no other band like them when it comes to guitar and drum bears.

Auf Achse – Franz Ferdinand Album

This song has a sense of a euro pop undertones about it – it has a good rhythm and a great drum beat with an addictive melody that make it a fun song to listen to off the album. It is fun and unique and really again shows a different area of Franz Ferdinand.

Evil and  A Heathen – You Could Have It So Much Better Album

The music on this album is very different to the first but that does not mean it is a negative thing! This song is great, it has a great beat and is very up tempo with a fun and exciting drum beat that really make it a stand out track on the album. It has an exciting feel about the song and it is a pleasure to the ears.

Well That Was Easy – You Could Have It So Much Better Album

This song has a great melody to it that makes it a good album track – it may of not been strong enough to of been a single but as an album track it is a fun interlude. It has a lot of good lyrics and a fun musical melody.

You Could Have It So Much Better – You Could Have It So Much Better Album

An album track title song should be a good track and this one goes above and beyond – it has a great guitar riff to it, a fantastic melody and really is a stand out track. It is really addictive and such a great set lyrics that it will get your head bopping along.

Turn It On – Tonight album

It is a fun song off the third album and has a great little catchy chorus which really defines the sort of album that this is. There is a great drum beat and it is really catchy. This album again has a different sound but in the best way possible.

Twilight Omens – Tonight album

This song is a jolly little number and a is a fun album track. It has an interesting musical melody throughout the song as well as a good set of lyrics. The drums create an intriguing beat through out the chorus as well.

Treason! Animals – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action album

This album has a lot of singles so it is hard to choose a really catchy song off the album because all the great ones were released. However, you should give this one a go as it has a catchy guitar melody that gives off a fun summer vibe.

Paper Cages – Always Ascending Album

This song has a nice melody to it with an interesting musical melody undertones of a piano in the background. It is a fun album track and defines the new fresh sound that the band have brought with their new album this year.

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