Podcast Month – One Episode Review – Hoovering

This month we are trying to welcome you to a whole new batch of podcasts that you may not of heard of, got round to listen to or didn’t know they even existed! Well, I personally love podcast’s but a lot of the time I don’t have that much time to listen to something new. So as part of Podcast month, I am delving into the podcast’s I haven’t listened to yet and giving you my honest first response to listening to one of the episodes


Today we look at a podcast that is hosted by a comedian that is all about the world of food! Jessica Fostekew ( Motherland) sits down with a different guest each week to have an in depth conversation about tasting, eating, cooking, nibbling and ‘hoovering’ food. The podcast is quite a new one on the market.

Episode: 3 – Aisling Bea

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.47.38

Credit: Jessia Fostekew Twitter

This podcast about food opens up the way that you expect a podcast about food to open – trying and eating food! Aisling has brought along with her some Horseradish and herb based bread along with her that automatically makes your mouth water.

The whole concept of the podcast is to listen to the guest and Jessica talk all about food and their cooking habits whilst, eating food! In the description of the episode it has a in depth description of the guest then right after that a short description of what they are eating in the episode.

The thing that I like about this podcast is that it has a sense of rawness to it – you can hear them clanging the spoon against the bowl when they eat and this is great – it paints a picture, makes you feel like you are at the table with the two people and it also makes you feel hungry!

I like this podcast because it is a great and very different way to interview a guest – you find out more about the guest then a standard interview because people will always talk more openly and enthusiastically if there is food involved. It is one of those podcasts that is very easy to get into and will entice you to listen to more then one. Whilst they talk about advice about cooking now and again and whilst food is the core theme of the show, it is the conversation that intertwines around the food that makes this podcast a really interesting one.

I would give this podcast a try – it is warming, Jessica is a fun host and will welcome you with massive arms – the only thing it may do is make you want to get an earlier lunch.


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