Podcast Month – One Episode Review – The Horne Section Podcast

This month we are trying to welcome you to a whole new batch of podcasts that you may not of heard of, got round to listen to or didn’t know they even existed! Well, I personally love podcast’s but a lot of the time I don’t have that much time to listen to something new. So as part of Podcast month, I am delving into the podcast’s I haven’t listened to yet and giving you my honest first response to listening to one of the episodes

The Horne Section Podcast

The podcast is quite new and is presented by Alex Horne (Taskamaster) and his band. The podcast is a weekly podcast that is a mix of music and chat throughout.

Episode Reviewed: 05 – Tim Key

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 12.29.05The podcast opens up with a fun little jingle and then is followed by an opening that is  a musical number. From the opening, the podcast has a unique and different feel about it – it is not just about Alex Horne but also about the band too – he introduces all the band members individually and lets them play mini solos on their instruments to introduce them. I chose to review this particular episode because I know from reading recent interviews that Tim Key and Alex Horne are good friends so I thought it would be a good podcast to start with.

When they introduce the guest they make a musical melody with the guests name as part of the song and then the band improvise a song  / backing track that resembles the guest that is on the show. They dive into the podcast playing a really silly game that I think is a favourite between Tim and Alex where Tim has to guess whether Alex has written down Soup or Lard – which is a play on the name Sue Pollard. They then launch into an improvised song about Sue Pollard. After the song is sung – they then review whether they like it. There is also a few silly quizzes along the way as well as an interview with a lot of random questions.

As a podcast, it is ok – listening to the podcast I wasn’t really sure whether I liked it or wasn’t impressed. I listened to it through my stereo which I think was better then listening to it through headphones. I feel this because the backing noise of the music can sometimes be really distracting and a little bit irritating as it feels at times that there is a musician in the background just playing because they are warming up which can be a little bit like a niggle to the head. The way that the interview becomes intertwined into the music is fun at first but then becomes highly irritating after a while.

Whist the podcast is a really interesting concept I didn’t find it particularly gripping and something that I wouldn’t listen to on a regular basis.  It is nice to see Alex Horne and The Horn Section doing something new and unique but at the same time it feels a bit cluttered and needs a bit of direction.

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