Question Roulette

Question Roulette – Ageing Characters and Sad Jokes…

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!

253. Imagine a character at very different ages, and describe his or her day at each age. 

I am 7 years old, my name is Jake, I like Lions and trains. When I grow up I want to be a fire man.

I am 18 years old and my name is Jake but most people call me Jay. I can’t wait to go off to university tomorrow. I want to get drunk, party and meet girls. I am studying a degree in business studies.

I’m now 29 years old and waiting for my bride Chloe to walk down the aisle. How did it come to this! Marrying the most beautiful girl I met her at my friends boat party who i worked with, I now work in a bank in sales.

I am now 42 years old, one child called Penny who hates me and a bachelor pad for myself. It didn’t work out with Chloe because I accidentally cheated on her with a girl called Mary and now neither woman wants to know me.

256. Going it Alone

Is never a bad thing, it builds you as a person and you can do what you want to do.

257. A moment of forgiveness

Is either very awkward or a time when you can forget the past

258. Tell the world’s saddest joke

Will more then likely be me trying to do stand up.

259. Everyone has a special talent. What’s your special skill?

I can make up poetry on the spot.


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