Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first! Today we talk about a musical duo that create lovely albums and quirky music videos – She and Him.

Change is Hard – Volume 1 album

This song is quite mellow in its tempo however with this calming tempo it highlights Zoeey’s voice. The guitars are beautifully intertwined into a melody of sadness and uplifting which makes this song a great album track.

You really got a hold on me – Volume 1 album

This song is really calming and very lovely to listen to. It is really all about the vocals  on this track more then the instruments as the music is faded and the vocals are heightened. It is a song that is good to listen to on a blistful autumns day

Don’t Look Back – Volume 2 album

This song has a really nice uplifting feel to it with a really great use of guitar and piano intertwined. It has a real old fashioned feel to it with a slight modern twist. It really highlights the melodic singing of Zooey tied in a neat bow of a song

Me and You – Volume 2 album

This is one of the slowest songs on the album but also one of the prettiest and also one of the sweetest. It has a lovely set of lyrics and is a lovely melodic love song. Definitely worth a listen.

I’ve Got Your Number Son – Volume 3 album

This is a great song to open up an album it is catchy uplifting with a really catchy choral part and really highlights the styles and melodies of this album. It has an underlying sound of swing to it as well.

Something’s Haunting You – Volume 3 album

This has a lovely melancholic feel in the middle when a sort of xylophone is used to produce an interlude. It has a lovely repetitive drum beat throughout out and a lovely set of lyrics

London – Volume 3 album

This is the best album track on the album it is so beautiful. It has lovely set of lyrics and a beautiful piano melody. As a Londoner this song always makes me feel less homesick when I am away from home as it really captures the essence of the city.