Love To Laugh Month – Comedy Songs About Love

It wouldn’t be Love to Laugh Month without a lot of comedy music to run alongside everything else so welcome to an article that gives you some of the best songs sung or performed by comedians about love. Some of them are about the most random topics but they really great comedy pieces and make it something that you want to listen to over and over again.

Lunch Lady Land – Adam Sandler

Who would ever think to sing or perform a song about a love story about a sloppy Joe and a Lunch Lady – well Adam Sandler and a feast of SNL players of course! This song is completely silly but at the same time fun and very funny.

Inflatable You – Tim Minchin

If anyone can write a great comedy love song that it is the ever so talented Tim Minchin. This song is dedicated to his wife when he sings it and it is the play on words that he writes so cleverly that make this song so great.

I Just Had Sex – The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island have so many songs that are very comedic takes on the world of relationships and love, but I Just Had Sex is their most popular and even did really well in the UK Charts. Whilst having a song with a catchy chorus that’s hard not to sing along to and a video full of lots of A List stars the thing that really brings this comedy together is the lyrics.

F*** Her Gently – Tenacious D

One act that is reknowned for their comedy music is none other then Jack Blacks comedy band Tenacious D. This song is quite explicit but also hysterical due to the silliness and fun that it creates.

Love Song – Bill Bailey

This song is a very fun and takes a very different path to what you would expect from a song called Love Song and this is where the humour lies.

If I Didn’t Have You – The Big Bang Theory

This is a sweet little comedy romantic song that Howard sings his wife on their anniversary and gets all the other friends to join in and sing as his back up chorus. It has some really sweet lyrics and a really catchy melody and is a fun song that really deserves some sort of recognition


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