Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Anthony Costa

Today we look at a musician that has had a lot of success both as a member of the boyband Blue but also performing in a lot of musical theatre. There was a time however, after the band origianlly split when all of the boys tried to have a solo career – some successful (such as Simon Webbe) whilst others not so much. Today we look at one of the guys solo ventures and I am sure in tne next few months we will look at others. Today we are going to look at the solo career of Anthony Costa.

img_0278-1The end of 2005 was a busy one for Anthony, even though Blue had gone on hiatus earlier in the year, he decided to go onto I’m A Celebrtiy Get Me Out Of Here where he did relatively well and stayed in for a whopping 14 days. Not long after this in the early months of 2006 he released a solo single called Do You Ever Think Of Me. The single did ok in the UK Charts and hit the number 19 spot.

Around the same time of this single Anthony was put forward to compete for the song for that years Eurovision Song Contest with a track called It’s A Beautiful Thing. He did not win the position (but thats ok because he went a few years later with his band Blue.)

In July of 2006 Anthonys debut album called Heart Full of Soul was released. The album was only ever officially released in Japan – it was meant to be released in the States as well but due to an argument with the record company it never happened. The album did not do well in the charts in Japan so he was dropped from his label. So lets have a look at his music that he did as a solo artist today and remember there was a time when Anthony was one.

Do You Ever Think of Me?


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