Off the Record – Adam Lambert

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record that is an album track first! Today we talk about a musician who is currently singing with the band Queen and is rocking people all over the world – Adam Lambert

Strut – For Your Entertainment Album

This song opens with a fantastic beat that really builds up throughout the song and really defines what you can expect from the rest of the song. It is really catchy and has a real ‘sexy’ feel to it with the lyrics and the style of rhythm that it entails. A very great album track.

Music Again  – For Your Entertainment Album

This is the first song on the album and it is a great song for the debut album to start on – it is really catchy and has a very fun style to it. It really sets up what this album is all about and sort of hints to the style to come. It has a great guitar riff that really makes it stand out and a chorus that allows you to really see the different limits that this man can sing.

Cuckoo – Trespassing Album

This song has a real dance and feel good sound to it that you will instantly like when you hear it as it is very easy to get into. It has a very catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing along to. A song that I recommend that you listen to if you want to see the other style of music that Adam can do.

Pop That Lock – Trespassing Album

This song has another dance feel to it but it is a really good song to listen to – it has a really good beat and a great dance interlude that really makes this song ‘pop’ and stand out from the rest. A great song for a summers day.

Outlaws of Love – Trespassing Album 

This is the last track on the album if you do not have the deluxe edition and unlike the other two recommendations, this song is a lot slower with the vocals intertwined between a soft guitar and a lovely therapeutic beat. Its a really nice song and again highlights the wonderful voice that Adam Lambert has.

The Original High – The Original High Album

This song has a nice summer vibe to it and just like his last album has a sense of dance music to it. It is a really good song and by having it as the same name as the title of the album really takes it to another level of fun.

Evil In the Night – The Original High Album

This song is one of the best track songs on the album it has a really great musical melody to it that changes throughout but stands out because it has a great guitar riff intertwined. The lyrics are mature and really take this song to a new level.

Lucy (feat Brian May) – The Original High Album

If you are going to tour regularly as one of the biggest bands in the world, it’s only right that you end up doing a song where you collaborate with someone you share the stage with night after night. This song is very good and very addictive and it will be one that you will want to listen to over and over again. One of the best parts of this song is obviously the guitar but also the way that it is a song that yet again proves just how marvellous Adam Lamberts voice is.

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  1. I love Adam Lamberts music. He is the best live performer in the music industry today. He is awesome as Queens lead singer.

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  2. It’s great your posting original music of Adam Lamberts career but you’ve missed many of his most Phenomenal songs that features his otherworldly vocal range and deep emotional connection yo the lyrics.
    The songs “Soaked”, “Sleepwalker”, “Aftermath”, “Broken Open” and “Fever” on Adams first album are such Phenomenal songs that need to be recognized.
    On his second album Trespassing the song “Running’ is so Phenomenal showcasing his otherworldly Range like no other song and it’s emotion, make it one of Adams best.
    On the Original High album, Adam really gave us diversity. “There I Said It”, “The Light” “The Original High” and “After Hours” should have and could be #1 Grammy Hits if Radio would have given them spins. All of these songs are shamefully overlooked and it’s a disgrace. Most songs played non stop on the radio are trash.
    So check out all of Adam Lamberts music because it’s Phenomenal.

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    • Thank you for your comment and I 100% agree – his albums are amazing and listen to them on a regular basis. I am really sorry that I missed out music from other albums – my aim for this articles / theme of article is to just give a taster of songs on albums for people who may not of heard of Adam (I know!) and his music! I love the songs that you have mentioned and trust me if I could mention all songs from Trespassing and the rest of the albums trust me I really would. Again apologies I haven’t included all songs but thank you for leaving a comment I love reading them! ( I still hope he releases a queen one soon 🙂 )

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