Nostalgic Nineties – Turkey Twizzlers

I don’t know what it was like for other schools or chlidren around my age but whenever our school canteen in Primary School had Turkey Twizzler day we all went mental and were so excited! Thinking about it now, i don’t know why we all were so excited but we really anddd truly were – they were one of the best things about school dinners. Even thinking about them now I can sort of taste them in my mouth – they were sort of coated in a sweet barbeque flavour and that stuckj to your mouth when you slowly ate them, or made them the last part of your meal eating everything else first.

In this country they are now an item that is banned and have been since 2005 as they became a huge part of a debate in Great Britain due to Jame Oliver protesting about them being allowed in schools as they are bad for children. Thinking about them now, they more then likely are and in hindsight probably a bit shocked they allowed us to eat them – but I don’t look back at them in a bad way because as a kid i Loved Turkey Twizzler day.

Now if you don’t know what a Turkey Twizzler is then lets talk about them – they were this spiral piece of well, turkey that was made out of processed meat by Bernard Matthews food company. They were made out of reconstituted Turkey Meat (see writing this now it maes me feel sick that I used to get excited about eating such a thing!). They were banned because of their horrible ingrediants such as fat, salt and 34 percent of turkey slurry and pork fat. I think the thing that everyone liked wasn’t really the Turkey itself but the actual coating, which was quite sweet if my memory has things right.

Reading these days as to what actually goes into Turkey Twizzlers makes me feel sick and I am glad they got rid of them out of schools and banned them, however when I was in Primary School they were all the rage, we used to get so excited for Turkey Twizzlers and even used to have conversations about them away from school. Whilst I would never eat them if they were available today (and If i did would probably hate them so much) it is a memory i will look back on and remember as a good memory……even if they are absolutely awful.

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