The Games That Time Forgot – Quarth, Original Game Boy

downloadToday we look at a Game Boy game that received a lot of good reviews and ended up being released on a variety of consoles due to its success in the arcade. Today we look at the game Quarth and one of the first consoles it appeared on away from the arcade was none other the the Gameboy.

The game was released on the Game Boy in 1990 and was a game that mixed the conventions of Tetras and Space Invaders together. The aim of the game was to shoot at the shapes that were dropping from the top pf the screen and make sure that they clear as quickly as possible and not reach the bottom of the screen. If the shapes cross the line at the bottom of the screen then the players spaceship gets squashed.

In the arcade version this game included Multiplayer and to make this work on Game Boy you needed the Game Boy Link Cable. There were two versions in multiplayer – either working together or competing – due to the technology at the time each player could only see their part of the screen.

It was a really popular game that over the years the game has been re-released on a number of different formats since.


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