Change is in you!

As challenging as it has been to keep on top of bringing you the best guests, hosting weekly shows, keeping on top of our creative endeavours and our unavoidable day jobs – we may or may not like these! – we’re back to our weekly catch up of classes.

Next up is Alan Starzinski. Alan has been in legendary UCB team Sandino, whose sets inspire us! He’s an actor, character comedian and stand-up and he was over to teach three workshops back in October – yes! We’re that much backed up!

Alan is the master in making a dull, boring scene spring to life and that was much of what I took from his classes! How many of us have been in a scene we feel is going nowhere and is not funny? Just make a choice! Alan reminded me of one of the many teachings I took from Shem Pennant – “If you don’t want to be there, just be somewhere else!”. I, myself, know how hard that sounds! We’re taught to follow rules – rules that I love – and not to make our scene partners feel unsupported – I have felt unsupported and hate it! – but that’s not what that sentence means!

If the scene is not going anywhere, just make a choice – a bold choice! Pick an emotion and a point of view and jump, head first, with confidence in your choice! Your teammates will support you and thank you for taking everyone out of that boring scene we were all regretting! If you’ve seen Alan play while you were here, you know exactly what I’m talking about – He saved me from a very static scene and I’m super thankful he did!

If something is wrong, just assume you’re the one doing it wrong – even if you’re not, you’re the only thing you can change in the scene! – Alan Starzinski

Written by Mariana Feijó

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