The Travel Book – Brighton Palace Pier, East Sussex, United Kingdom

If you find yourself visiting the south coast of the United Kingdom anytime soon then one place you must add to your list to visit is Brighton and at the top of that list should be Brighton Palace Pier.

The Palace Pier was built in 1899 to replace the Chain Pier which collapsed in 1896 during its construction. Throughout the years it has been a popular place for entertainment especially in the early 1900s when it was home to a theatre. It was a place where both Chaplin and Stan Laurel performed on a regular basis. In the World Wars it was heavily protected from enemies including mines based around it in WW1 and part of the Pier being removed in WW2.

Even today the Pier plays a huge part of Brighton and each year million of tourists visit the seafront just to see the famous attraction. In 2016 the Pier had around 4 million visitors. The Pier is home to a number of attractions including arcades, a funfair, fish and chip shops, boutique shops and a lot more in between.

Whilst it’s still traditional in many of its ways, you have to visit it when you go to Brighton as it is a main part of the towns history and tourism.

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