The Games That Time Forgot – Elemental Gimmick Gear, Sega Dreamcast

Today we look at a game that was on the Dreamcast that received relatively good reviews in regards to its game play and especially its soothing orchestral music. Today we look at the game called Elemental Gimmick Gear or in short EGG (which we will be calling it from now on).


EGG was released in 1999 and was published by Vatical Entertainment and Developed by Birthday. The game had a really interesting background story which is based around an egg-shaped mecha that was found inside the ruins containing a sleeping man that could not wake up and was taken to a laboratory along with the machine to be studied even more.

100 years later, the ruin suddenly became active with the tentacles came a thick layer of fog that surrounded the ruins, and people gave them the name Fogna. The Sleeper also finally awoke. He had not aged a day since his discovery and had no memory of his past or his own name. Selen, who was with him as he woke, set him free without notifying the other scientists in the lab. She sent him to Fogna to begin searching for clues of what happened 5100 years ago, and to stop the tentacles’ breeding.

The game entails you to explore several ruins to discover what happened and to discover this you have to resolve a number of puzzles to open doors and to reveal switches. There was also racing areas where The Sleeper could turn into an egg shape and race.

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