Thank You II!

Yes, we do know it’s the 25th of December and no one will read this! Or maybe you’re in a sugar coma with nothing else to do and this will be our most read post of the year!

The festive season brings the gratitude out of us!

It’s been a great year and we’ve got so much to be thankful for!

We had so many guest teachers come over this year and we’d like to thank each and every one of them!

Zeke Nicholson and Lydia Hensler started us off back in January and it was so awesome they’re back a year later and just slightly short of starting us off again for 2018. The down to earth legend that is Billy Merritt came to teach us all how to be pirates and how to tackle those tasty sandwiches! North Coast spruced up the scene with some beats and tunes and we were all in awe of Exacto. Casey Whitaker taught us how to better use space and different energies with Space Ass. Anthony Apruzzese, T.J. del Reno and Josh Covitt came to close down Spring and Deanna Fleysher brought the Summer warmth and taught us how to incorporate clowning in our work.

We had to start writing everything down and Keith Horvath came to help us with that and how to get that sketch writing started. Rick Andrews isn’t one to just rest on his holidays and we were lucky enough to get him to take a break from resting to teach one of our Drop-Ins. Will Hines and Connor Ratliff were next and between chasing those Fish & Chips and taking over Abbey Road, they made us wiser and better at our craft.

We Are Thomasse came to play at Leicester Square Theatre and kindly left some knowledge behind and made use of the smaller stage we programme at the Horse & Stables. Alan Starzinski came back to take a break from the L.A. glow and John Timothy brought us the Action and Cinematography we were all craving. We finished the year of learning from guest teachers with silence and Jonathan Pitts‘ kindness, and yet another form for out pockets with the Silent Movie.

The Slacker, The Movie, The Space Ass, The Monoscene, The Harold, The Documentary and the Silent Movie…so many forms to pick from!

Some guests only came to play and we were lucky to have legendary Armando Diaz, the very, very talented Moujan Zolfaghari, Kirby Howell Baptiste and Joel Spence and the intergalactic Kelly Marie Tran on stage with us in addition to all who taught and played! We’re apparently fun to play with and actually good at improv!

We’re also not yet done with our thank yous, come back next Monday for the last one of these!

If you missed this year’s workshops, Mariana has been describing what she has learnt in the ones she attended and you can look at her blog posts here.

2018 is filled with more great guest teachers and players. Keep you eyes peeled for all the announcements! We’re starting the year with Zack Willis, Zeke Nicholson and Lydia Hensler filling January up! Check it out here and don’t miss it!

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